TRACER Shogun TRJ-208 PC

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We all know and understand the emotions during playing games, so If you accidentally lost your gamepad or you just thinking about buying a better one, you have come to the right place! Gamepad TRACER Shogun is a modern device designed for better convenience of gamers. Ergonomic shape that fits your hand perfectly, 12 buttons, special function of vibration and 2 mini-joysticks can help you to improve your scores in some sport, simulation and etc. games. It will be easier for you to fully experience joy and excitement while playing your favourite game! The gamepad is not wireless, it has a detachable wire, but the pros from this feature is that you will be able to find it very quickly and without any bigger problem.

- Vibration function
- Number of buttons: 12
- 2 Mini-joysticks
- Operating modes: digital, analog
- USB connector type
- Platform: PC
- Dimensions: 11cmx16cmx6cm
- Black colour

- vibration function
- 12 buttons
- better convenience for gamers
- modern
- digital and analog

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