Armchair for the player Nitro550 Genesis black Foldable seat

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Comfort during the game often translates directly into the effects of the game. Many hours of exciting gameplay can be a huge burden for the player, that's why you should take care of your body's safety. The first step should be to secure the spine, and this is easiest to achieve by investing in a good, properly profiled chair for players. The Genesis Nitro 550 is a guarantee of a new driving force for every seasoned player.
The Nitro 550 seat skeleton is made of high quality durable metal. Such a frame design guarantees its high resistance to damage and makes the chair's life very long.
In addition, the construction uses a 4-class gas lift, which allows the chair to be loaded with a weight of up to 150 kg. Thanks to these solutions, Genesis chair is a very good choice for almost every player.

The combination of high comfort and many functionalities is the basis of the Nitro 550 seat. The product offers seat height adjustment in the range of 8-10 cm and the height of the hand supports. Another interesting feature is the recently popular swinging mode.
In addition, the Nitro550 chair has an adjustable backrest reclining angle, which will be especially appreciated by players who need rest time (naps) during long hours of competition. The backrest can be lowered in the range from 90 to up to 180 degrees, relative to the seat surface.

Overall height115 - 125 cm
Back width 53 cm
Seat width53 cm
Depth of seat53 cm
Maximum load150 kg
Height adjustment Yes
Adjusting the armrests Yes
Tilt adjustment Yes
MaterialNylon, Eco leather
Adjustable seat height46 - 56cm
Height of the back 76 cm
Warranty24 months

The Nitro 550 armchair has a soft upholstery filled with high-quality soft foam with a thickness of 4 cm on the backrest and 7 cm on the seat. In addition, both the seat and the backrest are contoured in such a way as to ensure maximum comfort and support for the player's spine. The material covered with the chair is a combination of matte durable nylon material in the front part, with high-quality ecological leather at the back.
An additional element of the chair are two soft cushions, one as a headrest and the other with straps enabling height adjustment, thanks to which we can support it with the chosen spine section, increasing our comfort.
The throne of a real player must look good. Genesis Nitro 550 is available in four color versions: black - red and black - blue, black - green and black.
This combination of colors combined with leather trim and a leather back in the style of black carbon, give the armchair an aggressive, gaming character. With Nitro 550, you can stand out on every LAN or tournament!

made of nylon and ecological leather
Adjustable armrests
A reclining seat