Glaze Congito 470ml black

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Thermal mug Contigo Glaze 470 ml is a combination of innovative solutions and fresh design with traditional materials in the form of a practical, thermal mug. Contigo Glaze, thanks to the use of vacuum wall technology, maintains the temperature of warm drinks up to 6 hours, and cold drinks up to 12 hours. The inside of the cup is coated with a ceramic coating, thanks to which it has even better thermal insulation properties. The Twist Seal closing system is simple to use and effective in operation. Turn to drink. Turn it back to close. The Twistseal technology will take care of the tightness and will additionally protect it from getting the mouthpiece dirty. Contigo Glaze can be taken with you anywhere, just throw it into the training bag, trekking backpack or just take it in your hand and take a walk, without worrying that anything will spill. From the beginning of each design of a Contigo mug or bottle, the most important thing is hygiene. All elements of the cup and its cap are easy to get to wash.

-Material: stainless steel + ceramic coating
-Black colour
- Capacity 470ml
- Keeps heat to 6 hours, cold to 12 hours

-Esthetic look
- Effective temperature maintenance
- Easy maintenance
-Perfect closure