Golden Mask GM3 Metal Detector

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Ground influence elimination system
Electromagnetic disturbance filter
Works well with high mineralised soil enviorements
High quality, excellent reliability
Sensitivity adjustment
Sound level adjustment
Fully adjustable iron discrimination
Two discrimination modes
Sound for both iron and non-iron elements.
Headphone output
Low battery level indicator

Work frequency - 8kHz (7.0kHz, 6.0kHz)
VLF-TR Technology
Probe type: 2D (double "D")
Multitone VC0 discrimination
Manual ground balance
Power consumption min.: 35 mA
Power consumption max: 65 mA
Built-in Battery: 12V / 1000 mAh
A 2-pin EU charger included with an EU to UK plug adapter.
Warranty: 5 years for electronics, 2 years for all other components.

Golden Mask GM3 is a quality metal detector dedicated for professional use. Working on 8kHz frequency it is designed for search for military devices, and other objects on significant depths. 
A manual surface balance allows to configure the device for any type of soil, which is especially important in highly mineralised soil. Automatic ground balance feature is also available. A high performance Double D: 10,5" search coil is fully waterproof, which allows you to continue search in even the most difficult conditions. The GM3 capabilities and search depth are far superior to any other device with a similar price. 
The GM3 assures high comfort when on a search for treasure with adjustable probe arm length and a ergonomic arm handle.
All findings are signalised with a sound alert, which level can be adjusted. Additionally headphones can be attached to the metal detector to avoid making unnecessary noise. 
The above average quality of Golden Mask detectors is reflected in their 5 year warranty period for electronic components. 
Don't be fooled by the toy-like metal detectors that flooded the market recently. When looking for a professional and reliable device GoldenMask metal detectors are among the best, designed for die-hard users.
Approximate search depth performance:
Coin with 16 mm diameter: 26 cm
Coin with 18 mm diameter: 30 cm
Coin with 22 mm diameter: 35 cm
Coin with 40 mm diameter: 43 cm
Iron plate 15x15cm: 85 cm
Iron plate 40x40cm: 150 cm
Iron plate 100x100cm: 220 cm