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Do you like games that entertains you and develops your character or your abilities at the same time? Pictureka is one of those games!
The rules are very simple, so everyone from the age of 6 and up can play it! You can have a generation game among members of your family or you can gather your peers and have fun during your free time!
Your task is to spot on a game board a thing that is shown or written on the card you picked. You have to do this as quick as you can! The fastest gets the card and your goal if you want to win is to have them the most. You have to have eyes like a hawk and have a huge reflex. One of the best things in this game is that it really develops that abilities in you and they are really helpful in your daily life.
What is more, if you don’t have enough of space in your house for a classy game “hide and seek” then Pictureka can replace it! The rules and amount of laughter are very similar!

- Age category: 6+
- Number of players: 2+
- Playing time: approx. 30min

Pictureka is a game that can entertain you and your family or friends. It can also develop in you some particular abilities that can be helpful in your life. There is so many opportunities - with this game you can:
- have a great fun with your family and friends
- challenge yourself in spotting things fast
- Develop reflex and so on
It is perfect for everyone from the age of 6 so it is a perfect opportunity for younger people to spend their time with older members of the family!

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