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Who is one of the most famous evil characters in the film history? Darth Vader of course! And one of the most recognizable sounds from the movies? Yes, indeed – The Imperial March! Put it all together and voila! There is a game Simon Star Wars!
Your task is to remember the sequences of which part of the toy is starting to light and sound. Now it is a time for you to press the buttons on Vader mask in an order you remembered. If you’re correct the next sequence shown is going to be a bit longer and it means it is going to be much tougher each time! With time you’re going to improve yourself and be better at it. Your goal is to break the record and play the longest sequence! Surprise your friends and show them how great your memory is!

- Age category: 8+
- 3 x AAA batteries (included)
- Light effects
- Sound effects
- Package dimensions 28 x 20 x 5 cm
- Weight (kg) 0.7

Do you think you know the Imperial March by heart? Now you can check that! What is more, this game gives you ability to:
- Challange yourself
- Train your reflex and memory
- Feel like in the world of Star Wars universe
It is perfect for every Star Wars fan at every age! It is also going to be useful if we want to improve our memory skills! No matter if you know the world of Star Wars for years or just couple of months, this toy is perfect for you!

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