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Have you ever dreamed about trying yourself as a detective? Now you can take the first step to become one!
Your task is to find out the identity of the character your opponent is playing. If you want to win you have to do it before he or she reveals identity of character you are playing, so you need to hurry up! Think and make a strategy how to find it out first!
This game also develops your ability to be clever and ask specific, only yes or no questions. It also teaches us that we should really consider and be sure before we make any judgement and point at anyone, because If you choose wrong you lose.
‘Guess who’ is a great game for 2 people, especially during long journeys in the car or train. You’re going to forget about longing way!

- Age category: 6+
- Number of players: 2
- Weight: 0,6 kg

‘Guess who’ is a fun game full of laugh and fun! Be quick and clever to win! Ask questions and find out who is sitting in front of you? What is more with this game you can:
-Be one of the 24 characters
-Put first step to become a detective
-Use your cleverness,
-Develop ability to ask right questions
It is perfect for everyone from the age of 6 and up! Who likes solving puzzles? Who want to become a detective one day? This game is perfect for you!

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