Maclean UltraHD HDMI HD Cable v1.4 4K 2160p 3D 1m/1.5m/2m/3m

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Maclean UltraHD HDMI HD Cable v1.4 4K 2160p 3D 1m/1.5m/2m/3m

Main Features: 

  • High-quality audio-video cable
  • Narrow plug for increased comfort and mobility
  • Connectors covered with 24-carat gold
  • Oxidation-resistant connections to ensure the best conductivity and reduce signal loss
  • Supports a very wide frequency band and all formats
  • Shielding ensures noise immunity and reduces signal distortion
  • Ethernet - resignation from additional internet cables, all in one HDMI v1,4 cable
  • Support for resolutions higher than Full HD ("4K" - 4096 x 2160)
  • Full support for 3D image
  • Clear sound


The MCTV-636 cable is ideally suited for connecting all devices. The cable complies with the HDMI 1.4 standard, supports 4K 4096x2160 resolution, 3D image and Ethernet (HEC) channel, and 24-carat gold-plated contacts provide the highest quality connection.

One of the main advantages is unprecedented quality on the market, which means that the cable is not only durable but very flexible.

Technical Specifications:

  • Length: 1m 1.5m 2m 3m
  • Connector: HDMI - HDMI (A)
  • Thin and flexible cable
  • Flat design of the plug makes it easy to arrange in hard-to-reach places
  • Support for the HDMI 1.4 High Speed ​​standard
  • 24-carat gold plated contacts
  • Compatible with the latest HDMI 1.4 standard
  • 3D (3D image) support in accordance with the HDMI 1.4 specification.
  • Ethernet signal support via HDMI standard
  • Compatible with previous versions 1.0-1.3