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If you have children and want to give them something nice and special but you still care about their safety, the headphones are a good pick. The headphones are really comfortable and what is more important, they are safe to use. The sound is nice and clear, so you can enjoy your favourite song in the best quality. They are monochrome with beautiful, bright shade of colour so a girl and a boy are going to be happy using them. They are truly solid made from good quality materials. They are also extremely elastic, so children can twist them and bend them. Thanks to this, two children can use the headphones at the same time, which will surely make them able to have even more fun together. This headphones has also detachable element which helps to adapt perfectly to any shape of the head. That’s why even children from the age of 3 can use this headphones. Material that is the closest to the ears is really soft so it is really comfortable and it doesn’t irritate your ears. All these features causes that you can wear them by longer period of time.

Frequency response 20-20000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohm
Sensitivity 97 dB
3.5 mm mini-jack connector
Stereo sound
Wire length 1.2 m

- comfortable
- safe for children
- extremely elastic (it would be really hard to break them)
- adapts perfectly to any shape of the head
- designed for children
- children from the age of 3 can use them

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