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Welcome thrill seekers, record breakers, and speed demons to the most extreme Hot Wheels racing experience ever. Welcome to 180mph scale speeds.
Hot Wheels AI uses artificial intelligence to put you in control of the race line never before! Program the gaming controller with your choice of 3 race modes, 3 skill levels, and much more. Real-time race announcements and sound FX keep you in action on 16+ feet of track! Your competition can attack you at any time with an engine failure, oil spill, or other track hazards!
Hot Wheels A.i. Smart Cars can be controlled by you or the A.i. (Artificial Intelligence). Engage the Autodrive Mode to watch the Ai Smart Cars race around your custom track entirely on their own or race against you in the immersive Championship mode.
The Hot Wheels A.i. Intelligent Race System Starter Kit includes 2 high-performance smart cars with scale speeds up to 180 mph:
FAST FISH like a dangerous piranha, this race car viciously darts around the track and is always ready to attack its prey.
SPIN KING No one tops the high speed drifting moves of this ultimate speed machine as it carves the fastest lines through the most twisted corners.

- The starter kit includes: 2 Hot Wheels Ai smart cars, 2 gaming controllers, 20 smart track pieces: 1x starting grid, 5x straight track, 10x 45°corner track, 2x reverse 45°corner track, 1x pit lane in, 1x pit lane out, complete Racing Guide.
- 16+ feet of track and 40+ layouts
- Ages 8 and up
- Requires batteries: 6 x AAA (LR03) i 6 x AA (LR06) (not included)

- Includes two Smart Cars, two smart gaming controllers and 20 pieces of track.
- Hot Wheels A.i. Smart Cars can be controlled by you or the A.i. (Artificial Intelligence).
- Artificial intelligence helps to stay on the included track.
- Watch out for virtual track hazards as you shift into high gear.
- Recommended for ages 8 years and up.

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