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Hydromassage Foot Device TM-588 by Techmed

HYDROMASSAGE FOOT DEVICE TM-588 - Professional foot massage apparatus presented to you. Proper use of the device can improve blood circulation in the skin of the feet, which results in a pleasant and lasting impression of heat (increased skin temperature). Regular hydromassage can improve blood circulation not only in feet but also indirectly in whole legs.

- Stimulates circulation
- Contributes to reducing stress and tension
- Has tabs to stimulate the appropriate areas of the feet
- The function of bubble massage and vibration massage
- The function of maintaining the water temperature
- Foot heating function using infrared radiation
- Warranty: 12 months

The stimulation points act like delicate fingers that touch the soles of the feet and guarantee an extremely effective and stimulating massage. You can easily change the intensity of the massage by slightly increasing or reducing the pressure of the feet. The air jets provide the feet with a relaxing bubble bath.

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