Promedix PR-994 Inhalation oxygen in a can 99.4% with mouthpiece

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Inhalation oxygen by Promedix is 14 liters of oxygen concentrated in a small can. The product is medical oxygen, ideal for people with respiratory problems and circulatory insufficiency. It is also highly appreciated among athletes, drivers, students, businessmen, people suffering from insomnia, and successfully used in cosmetics to improve the skin condition.

Breathing oxygen can increase the feeling of well-being and as an indirect result, quality of life. Promedix PR-994 helps the body to deal with the following situations related to an inefficient supply of oxygen:-
- Fatigue
- Lack of concentration
- Physical stress
- Increased ozone levels
- Smog and air pollution
- Sport Performance
- In badly ventilated rooms
- When driving and in traffic jams
- After alcohol intake

- Model: PR-994
- Size: 63 x 370 mm
- Volume: 14L
- Capacity: 1000 ccm
- Purity: 99.4%
- Doses: 140 injections

- Inhalation oxygen in a can 99.4% Promedix PR-994
- Mouthpiece
- Proof of purchase

- Gross weight: 0.185 kg
- Medical product
- 14 liters condensed in a small can
- Sufficient for approximately 120-140 uses
- Oxygen concentration: up to 99.4%
- Odorless
- Easy to use
- Equipped with a comfortable mouthpiece