Inhaler nebulizer 2 mouthpiece mask for the whole family Only for Baby Big Panda

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How does the Big Panda nebulizer work?
The nebulizer spray the physiological saline and / or medications prescribed by the pediatrician in the form of a spray (air clouds, mists) that are inhaled by the child through a specially adapted pediatric mask. The nebuliser moisturizes the upper and lower respiratory tracts thoroughly, removes them, and gives a local medicine in the form of a fine mist. Thanks to the included adult mask, the device can be used by every member of the family! The mouthpiece is universal, for both children and adults!

Our nebulizer stands out among the classic, offered on the market nebulizers with unique, child-like design! A friendly panda made every application of medicine, especially the first few times, when the child may show reluctance to a new style of therapy. The device is made of very good quality materials, has streamlined shapes and a professional finish. It is also equipped with a pediatric mask specially designed for children.

- Pneumatic-piston device for aerosol therapy
- A saline container and / or drugs with a capacity of 8 ml
- The average particle size in the aerosol produced is 0.5 μm - 5 μm
- High flow of drug through the nebulizer (0.29 - 0.33 ml / min)
- It is very light (1.65 kg) and easy to use
- Silent work will provide the child with a sense of security and comfort while administering the drug
- Exceptional efficiency - high absorbability of drugs and short time of nebulization
- Convenient handle for easy carrying of the device
- It is equipped with a practical pediatric mask specially designed for children
- In addition, a mask for adults and a mouthpiece is included

- Big Panda nebulizer by Only for Baby
- Pediatric mask for children
- Adult mask
- Mouthpiece
- Tube and drug tank
- Spare filters (5 pieces)
- User manual
- Fiscal receipt or VAT invoice

Suitable for children and adults of all ages!

-friendly for children
- Designed for both adults and children
- Easy to use
-High quality