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Have you ever dreamed about having a dragon? Now you can have a baby dragon from Hasbro! Excited? You should, because now you can start your new adventure as a dragon’s mother or father! Take care of a little dragon! Pet him and play with him! You can even feed him with his own favourite marshmallow on a stick! What a fun experience!
It responds with 50+ sounds and motion combinations! It moves differently and gives different sounds each time depends on the movement we have done first.
His fur is really soft and fluffy but be careful and remember that dragons are fond of breathing fire unexpectedly! Don’t worry this little dragon just started learning how to do it, so for now he only can breathe flame-coloured mist that is totally harmless and cool in touch, nothing bad can happen to you! Obviously, you have a time to learn him a good manners before he starts to breathe fire everywhere! If you want him to breathe mist you need to first turn off the little dragon, then take crystal squeeze bottle (included to the set), fill it with water and pour it to the special hole placed on the toy. Now you can turn it on again and have fun!

- Age category: 4+
- Weight: 1.57 kg
- Dimensions: 355 x 370 mm
- box: 35x37x20 cm

There are so many legends about dragons, yet no one saw them from years! Until today! Now you can have a little dragon and even take care of him! Play together and have fun together! It is a great opportunity to:
-Improve your children’s creativity
-Develop more empathy and dutifulness in your children
-Take care of a little dragon
-See how the marshmallow is changing colour because of the dragon’s mist
-See how dragon breathe flame-coloured mist
It is perfect for everyone who loves legends and wants to have adventure! No matter how old are you, this little dragon will give you a lot of joy and fun!

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