Dental Irrigator Dental Tooth Teeth, Stationary Promedix PR-760 8pcs Tips

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The Promedix Stationary Irrigator PR-760 is a modern, well-made dental device. It allows you to get an amazing effect, which until now was available after visiting the dentist. The PR-760 is a device that produces a strong stream of water, which precisely removes residual food from the spaces between the teeth, maintaining oral hygiene. A strong stream, up to 7.5 bar, eliminates the problem of under-cleaning orthodontic appliances, bridges or implants. Irrigation can significantly reduce bleeding from the gums and the amount of bacteria that can cause inflammation.

Promedix Irrigator cleans and massages the gums, causing better blood circulation and thus improves their overall condition. Ease of use and a strong stream of water help maintain oral hygiene at the highest level!

- Adjustable irrigation power
- 8 interchangeable tips
- Speed ​​range: 1250-1700 rpm
- The volume does not exceed 75dB
- Pressure range 1 bar - 7.5 bar
- Liquid container 600ml
- Power supply: 100-240V

- Dental Irrigator Dental Promedix
- AC adapter
- User manual
- Manufacturer's packaging
- The proof of purchase

- High performance somehow
- 8 interchangeable tips
- 5 work modes
- A separate power supply
- Liquid tank 600ml
- Robust housing with a liquid reservoir