Headphone ISK HD9999
Headphone ISK HD9999

Headphone ISK HD9999


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Headphones ISK HD9999

The HD9999 headphones are designed for high performance games.
You feel great in music with a heavier
Hit rock and metal, but also into an electronic / house / dubsteb music with a strong bass.
 It has a wide frequency response and uses it in the best possible way - to play a varied bass with rich texture.
The bass is certainly a strong point these headphones.
While many headphones make the bass louder in order to be audible, this usually makes the audio muddy and distorts the mids and highs. In the HD 9999 headphones, the bass is not unnatural loud, but rather linear and very audible because of incredible clarity And excellent low-frequency extension.
With a closed back design and ear pads that provide a good seal while still comfortable, excellent insulation is achieved. This effectively reduces the external noise when entering and the internal sound. For this reason, they are an excellent choice for reviewing blends in a live setting and for listening to music in the public where you do not want to disturb other people around you.
The bass does not bother with other bands - it appears in such an amount and to the extent that it was predicted by the performer of the song.
The range of mid-tones is typically rock - with energy and greatness, so you can give the song a crispness.
On the design side of the headphone is a typical closed construction. There are two types of pads at different heights.
It allows you to design the amount and nature of the bass.
The construction of the headband allows an automatic adjustment to the size of the head. Headphones have a detachable cable. In set are both straight and spring cables.
The plug is convertible - the cable is terminated with a 3.5 mm plug with the option to screw the adapter to size 6.3mm. Also included is a rigid case that allows you to safely transport and store your headset.

product specification
Specification transmitter diameter 50mm
Impedance 32Ohm
96dB +/- 3dB sensitivity
Frequency range 8Hz-30kHz
Maximum power 1500mW
Cable length is about 3m straight and about 1.5m spring
3,5 / 6,3mm Cabriolet connector
Physical Weight of Headphones Approx. G (with straight cable)
Package content, 3m straight cable, 1.5m spring cable, 3.5-> 6.3mm adapter, rigid housing, second set of pads.
Warranty 24 months

Perfect for you !!!

As with all iSK products, the first priority is the sound quality, and these have a complete and very detailed sound from the lowest bass notes to crystal-clear highs. They do not increase the frequency range or convey their own character, but produce an accurate sound that is the same Source.
Priority the sound quality
Impedance 32Ohm
3.5 mm plug with 6.3mm adapter
Sturdy housing - safe transport and storage
Automatic adjustment to the size of the head
Very comfortable