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Yoghurt maker for 7 jars JG 3525 by Severin

With the help of the sensational Severin yogurt machine, you can easily prepare delicious yoghurt in the home, without artificial additives and preservatives.
The yoghurt maker allows you to prepare natural yoghurt and fruit yogurt, so you can always enjoy your favorite yogurt flavor. 7 jars allow you to prepare up to 1 liter of yogurt at a time.

-capacity: 7 jars for yogurt, each approx. 150 ml
- opened, transparent cover with handle
- rotary timer switch (up to 15 hours) and control lamp
- it automatically turns off after the set time has elapsed
- Power: 13W
- Dimensions: 24.5 x 27.5 x 12.5 cm

The device has 7 glass containers with a capacity of approx. 150 ml each, a transparent lid with a handle, a rotary switch with a timer (up to 15 hours) and a control lamp. The yogurt machine automatically switches off after the set time.