Florina Coliber

Florina Coliber

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You can store many types of food in this container. Both small products like buckwheat, sugar, rice, breakfast cereals and bigger like sweets or cakes. You can keep your kitchen looking well ordered by using indetical containers for diffrent products. Do not worry, you will not mix up the contents, because the container has a window and you will perfectly see what inside is.
It is made of powder-coated lustrous sheet steel. The removable cover has additionally seal, which protects against moisture.

- Colour of container: green
- Colour of cover: silver
- Diameter: 13.6 cm
- Container height: 18.5 cm
- Height with cover: 20 cm
- Capacity approx. 2.8 l
- Dishwasher safe

- Container for storage of different kinds of food
- Made of matal
- Dishwasher safe
- Colours: green and silver
- A window - you will see what inside is
- A seal under the cover
- Capacity approx. 2.8 l

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