Vakoss WH-5368K
Vakoss WH-5368K

Vakoss WH-5368K


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The Vakoss® kitchen scale is made of high-quality materials, and has a slim and stylish shape. It's easy to use, enabling you to accurately control your healthy diet.

Tempered glass
Zero tare function
High Precision
Ultra-thin design
LCD screen
Touch buttons
Power Battery: 3V CR2032 lithium battery
Weight units: G/KG/LB/OZ
Weighing range: 0.002-5KG / 0.0022-11LB
Weighing increments: 1g
Product Size:141x196x16mm
Product Weight: 330g

The VAKOSS® kitchen scale is made from high quality materials and has a slim and stylish design.
Easy to use, allows you to thoroughly control your healthy diet.
The glass surface provides hygiene and easy cleaning
High accuracy measurement thanks to precision pressure sensors

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