creative magnet kit to build yourself from 5 years


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Geomag building blocks is a toy that is limited only by the imagination!
By doing so, you can build countless compositions - magnetic rods and metal, nickel-plated balls connect and stimulate the creativity of young designers. The magnetic field also allows the construction to be set in motion. The blocks are made with Swiss precision, which does not diminish the attraction of magnetic elements and all elements are stable and durable.

- The individual elements are designed so that they can be freely combined with each other. With the help of the magnetic force of sticks and balls imaginative structures are created
- The set contains 78 elements
- suitable for children from 5 years

- The biggest advantage of Geomag blocks is the mutual attraction - not just colorful elements ...
- The toy helps build bonds between children and parents. Having it together, you will never be bored!
- Toys for a child: 5 years old +
- Number of elements: 78