Magnetic blocks GEOMAG Mechanics GEO-723 222 pcs

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A set of blocks thanks to the magnetic pads with negative and positive fields, allows you to build rotational constructions and develop new physics skills, while ensuring great fun.

Children learn about the principles of magnetic and mechanical forces, play with blocks stimulates their creativity, stimulates the imagination, while developing manual skills. Once the child has learned to distinguish magnetic fields, he can construct functional models in many shapes and sizes.

- Toy for a child: 5 +
- Weight (with packaging): 1.72 kg

- GEO-723 magnetic blocks
- User manual
- Manufacturer's packaging
- The proof of purchase

On the back of the box there are simple examples of various constructions, along with a simple instruction manual that will help each child enter the world of Geomag.

- The Geomag Mechanics series is an absolute novelty and innovation in the approach to this type of toys.
- The blocks have been designed in such a way as to give the possibility of building three-dimensional structures, the elements of which can be set in motion.
- The collection was created for everyone who wants to discover the secrets of constructing machines, levers and models that can be rotated, driven and moved.
- Toys from the Mechanics series will impress both small inventors and engineers who are experienced in laying blocks.
- However, the greatest asset of Geomag blocks is mutual attraction - not only colorful elements ... The toy helps in building bonds between children and parents.
- These unusual blocks give you the opportunity to have long hours of fun together, which never gets boring!