Glowing blocks LED Laser Pegs T-Rex 20w1 Fixed light sources

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Explore history carved in stone 68 million years ago and set out on an unknown journey through the prehistory, discovering the secrets of the life of extinct reptiles. T-REX 20 in 1 is a set to build the most famous dinosaur of all time: Tyrannosaur. Here you can find 403 building blocks and 15 elements with LED diodes, which will allow you to build up to 20 species of various marine and land predators. Glowing blocks are a good way to explore the history trails!
Grow, have fun. LASER PEGS - it's so logical.

Why is it worth it?
Do the glowing blocks have something to do with maths? Of course! The child, planning his own design, completely unconsciously performs the truest analysis of many factors, reminiscent of mathematical algorithms. We are born with it and either we develop these abilities or forget about them. It's time for children to know the true face of mathematics: not theoretical and boring of a book or computer, but real, tangible and mega inspiring. Playing with LASER PEGS is to provide diverse and creative spending time, but also to consolidate logical thinking mechanisms.

- Producer of LASER PEGS
- Product code 263118
- EAN 5292835000484
- Toy for children from 8 to 14 years old,

- The set includes batteries: 9 x LR 04 (1.5V), 12 x LR 41 (1.5V) -
- Detailed instructions in the set, as well as on the website
- Manufacturer packaging
- The proof of purchase

- The new "TRY ME" module allows you to try the toy without opening the box,
- 15 illuminated LED bases and 403 creative blocks for self-assembly,
- 20 in 1: Brachiosaur, Crylophosaurus, Gallimimus, Mososaur, PAchycepalosaur, Pterosaur, - -
Parasaurolophus, Stegosaur, Triceratops, Ultahraptor, Ankylosaur, Megalania, Plesiosaur,, Spinosaur, -
-Therizinosaur, Corythosaur, Prestosuchus, Dilpohosaur, Dimetrodon, T-REX,
- In addition, a new cube and base of light with 6 LED diodes as well as glowing teeth of a predator,
- American toy made of certified and durable plastic with high quality,
- Fixed light sources (LED diodes will last for 100,000 hours, or 11 years of fun),
- Products compatible with other LASER PEGS models and other blocks of leading brands,