Coaxial cable Opticum AX-2S RG6 (100m)

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Modern technology and the use of the best raw materials determine the high quality of the presented cable. The cable is characterized by reliability, thanks to a specially designed construction, high durability and high efficiency, enjoying a good reputation both among amateurs and professionals.

The thick 1.02mm core of the cable with double shielding guarantees very high electrical parameters and extremely low signal attenuation.

- Screen: AL foil
- Main lead: 1.02 CCS
- Ipedance: 75 Ohms
- Length: 100 m
- Braid: 48 x 0.12 AL
- Outer shell: 6.8 PVC
- Has a declaration of compliance with the RoHS directive

- Coaxial Cable
- A proof of purchase

- Low attenuation in the entire TV / SAT frequency range
- Very good parameters, double screen
- Wide application - HD-TV and 3D-ready antenna installations, monitoring
- Compliant with the RG6 specification / standard - universal