Spacetronik SPH-HLC6IR

Spacetronik SPH-HLC6IR

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The device allows you to connect a high definition (HD) signal to a receiver (TV, monitor, etc.) equipped with an HDMI connector through CAT 6 or higher. The set includes a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX).
An additional advantage of the device is the transmission of the remote control function using the included infrared IR.
The device is perfectly suited for connecting a satellite tuner, DVD player, computer or console to a receiver away from the devices. Only one twisted pair cable should be connected to the TV, which facilitates the installation of the device and improves the installation of the TV suspended on the wall using the LCD holder.

- Name: HDMI Extender on LAN
- Supported video formats: DTV / HDTV: 480i / 576i / 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p
- Working temperature: -10 - + 60ºC
- Humidity: 20% -90% (without condensation)
- Power supply: 2x 230V AC / 5V DC power supply (included)

- HDMI to LAN Converter (receiver and transmitter)
- 2 5V power supplies
- Manufacturer's packaging
- Warranty: 2 years
- A proof of purchase

Transmission with one CAT 6 cable
Picture mode 1080p
Maximum cable length 60m
Transmission of the remote control function
Easy configuration