Car charger Blow 5V 2.1A USB-C + USB socket

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2.1A car charger with micro USB type-C plug on the cable + USB socket (A)
The car charger is sold in a set with a built-in Micro USB C-type cable, so you can instantly charge devices equipped with a USB type C connector, such as mobile phones, smartphones, etc. The built-in long cord is flexible, so you can easily charge the device in almost every place in the car.
An additional USB input allows you to connect any USB cable.

- 12-24V DC input voltage
- 5V output voltage
- Maximum output current 2.1 A
- Surge protection
- Backlight: blue spot
- Cord: spiral white
- Cable length: 40-120cm
- Dimensions: 71x28x25mm

- Brand new USB-C charger
- Original packaging
- A proof of purchase

- Car charger with cable terminated with USB type C plug and USB socket
- The ability to simultaneously charge two devices
- Stylish design
- Made of environmentally friendly materials