Varta LCD Universal Charger - For Mignon (AA) Micro (AAA) C (Baby) D (Mono) 9V Block

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All-rounder for all sizes!
The universal charger is the all-in-one solution among the four new Varta LCD chargers. The device has four charging bays and can charge the common sizes AA, AA, C, D and 9V.

Everything at a glance!
The charger is equipped with a user-friendly, large and LED illuminated LCD display which informs you about the current charge status & USB display

Additional USB slot
The charger has a built-in USB port through which you can simultaneously power an external and USB device while charging the cell.

Safe battery charging
Comprehensive safety features also ensure a properly completed charging process and safe and gentle charging.

Universal Battery Charger - Varta LCD Universal Charger

- Modern design
- High quality
- LED illuminated LCD display
- Charging status & USB indicator
- Suitable battery type: Ni-MH batteries:
> Mignon (AA), Micro (AAA), C (Baby, LR14), D (Mono, LR20), 9V block
- Charging time: 4 hours (depending on the cell capacity)
- Integrated USB port
- Minus Delta U shutdown
- Safety timer
- Short circuit protection
- Alkaline detection
- AC power adapter

Four new excellent Varta LCD Charger of the new generation in our assortment
Functionality combined with elegant design. In particular, consumer-optimized products meet the needs of those who are looking for mature technology, innovative features and user-friendly devices. High-quality and backlit LCD display as well as equipped with extensive security features and meet various consumer needs depending on the version - whether for everyday use in the common household to the device for heavy users and professionals.

- Blue LCD display for charging status & USB indicator
- Suitable for Ni-MH batteries (4 Mignon (AA) Micro (AAA)) as well as Li-Ion batteries
- USB port for another additional device at the same time
- 4 functions: charging, discharging, refresh & capacity test
- 4 hours charging time of AA batteries with 1600mAh capacity
- Comprehensive safety features: Minus Delta U shutdown, safety timer, short circuit protection, alkaline detection