Electric breast pump SisiBaby Sensual Duo SBC-117

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The SisiBaby® Sensual Duo SBC-117 is a modern breast pump with a built-in battery and a touch screen. The breast pump mimics the natural rhythm of sucking the baby. The pump is equipped with 9 extraction programs, so that the device can be perfectly adapted to your needs. The touch screen with LCD display allows easy and fast operation of the breast pump settings without unnecessary movement.

A clear display informs us which mode is selected and measures the speed and time of milk intake. After removing the milk, we can place a bottle of pacifier and give your child a meal immediately.

- An electrical device with a built-in battery
- Suction control - 8 levels
- Adjust the strength and duration of the suction in a certain mode with the buttons "+" and "-"
- The effect of naturally sucking the baby
- Ideal for at home, in the hospital, when traveling or at work
- Small, light and breast-friendly suction funnel with massage inserts
- AVENT bottles fit in the breast pump!
- With the long hose you can easily keep the breast pump to the side and only a bottle with a suction funnel in your hand
- High efficiency of the suction funnel
- Easy in use
- Does not contain Bisphenol A
- Easy to clean
- The device is ready for use - "ready for use".

- SisiBaby® Sensual Duo breast pump
- bottle
- Suck funnel
- Silicone pad for stimulation and massage
- 220-240V power supply with USB charger
- Silicone teat for milk with a bottle cap
- Silicone valve and cap
- Vacuum hose
- Warranty card
- Proof of purchase