Maclean Energy MCE152 Cosmetic LED Lamp on Wheels Magnifier

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The lamp is a simple and effective solution for people who need to see everything better, more accurately and on a larger scale. The product will work great in beauty salons or as well as in your house. The movable arm of the lamp has a unique internal support system that allows you to adjust the object without unscrewing / tightening the knob - so we always have a perfectly adjusted work station (can be locked in a given position, if necessary). Magnifying glass allows you to zoom up to 8x when usually the majority of glasses allows you to magnify only up to 5x. Maclean Energy Lamp it's equipment for professionals as well as amateurs.
Modern light source - high quality LEDs
This is the basic tool used in the beauty salon. Through reflection magnifying glass and soft light, you can see the detailed layers of the skin and its texture.
Universal and functional
It fits into every office because it is elegant, modern, and most importantly - functional. The lamp is made of the highest quality materials - it enables precise cosmetic procedures.

- Rated voltage: 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz
- Rated power: 15W (15 watt LED bulb)
- Color temperature: 6500K
- Magnifying glass: diameter 5 "Magnification

- Cosmetic lamp on wheels with a magnifier of 5 diodes LED Maclean Energy MCE152
- Original packaging
- The proof of purchase

- Shadowless lamp
- 5 dpi magnifying glass!
- Light source: 15W LEDs
- Tripod on wheels
- The spectrum of daylight, friendly to the eye
- Adjustable tilt angle
- CE certificate
- Original Maclean Energy