Outer LED Christmas Tree Lights Kulka 300sztuk 30m

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Choose the mood you want to create!
Romantic, elegant white Christmas lights, depending on the type of light create an amazing atmosphere. Warm-colored lights will create a nice, festive and homely atmosphere, while the cold color of the lamps will give the room a touch of elegance and character. A warm white color is available on this auction.
Spherical shape and uniform light make the lamps look very modern, thanks to them you can beautifully and stylishly decorate the Christmas tree.

Beautiful LED lamps with a length of 30 meters, very nice visual effect!
Christmas lights. Lights 300pcs. 30m. Warm light
The high quality of the lamps is confirmed by the Polish CE certificate.
Most of the lamps available on the market do not have such a certificate.

- Amazing visual effect thanks to LED construction
- Unbreakable, solidly made (thick wires)
- Number of LEDs: 300x LED
- Protection class: IP44
- Length: 30m
- Ball diameter: 18 mm
- Purpose: external
- Cable thickness in insulation: 1.9 mm
- Power supply: 24 V transformer (included)
- Power consumption: 21-30W
- Lamps for external use

- Christmas lights
- Original power supply
- Original packaging
- A proof of purchase

Beautiful Christmas tree lights - it is impossible to show the effect of their lighting on the pictures. Lights look great on every Christmas tree and make the atmosphere in any room!
Thanks to the LED construction, the power consumption is small, it is a considerable saving in maintenance costs and a great advantage of these lamps.

- LED construction used for the production of lamps will significantly reduce your electricity bills! The power consumption is only 30W, which is 10 times less than standard lamps.
- The visual effect is really sensational, the Christmas tree decorated for Christmas thanks to our lamp will catch everyone's eye! Surprise your friends now!
- The degree of protection IP44 guarantees that the lamps can be successfully used outdoors, and the temperatures in which they can be used are as high as -40 to +60 degrees.
- The length of 30 meters and 300 lamps will successfully decorate even a very large Christmas tree.