Landmann 12376

Landmann 12376


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The Landmann gas grill is a device you can always rely on. The ease with which a gas-fueled gas-fired grill burns outright can not be compared to the burning of a coal grill. Just turn the knob and press the igniter button, and after a few minutes you can start grilling.
The size of the grill allows you to prepare delicious barbecued dishes using a small amount of space, both on the terrace and in your own garden.
The grill lid and bowl are made of enamelled steel. Two wheels provide grilling mobility. The grill cover is insulated and provides a control window for grilling without lifting the lid. On the grill cover we find a thermometer that controls the temperature of the grill.

Burner made of aluminized steel (6.5kW power)
1 side burner of 1 kW
Chrome grill grate 48.5 x 37.5 cm
Chrome grate for lava stones
Cover with a window
Thermometer in the lid
Additional side shelf
Two wheels for easy transport
Supplied with hose and pressure reducer
In combination with lava stones Suitable for about 8 people

Can be used with lava stones
Thermometer in the lid
Cover window
Chromed grate with an area of ​​48.5 x 37.5 cm
Chromed grate for lava stones
Burner made of aluminized steel
Suitable for about 8 people