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Natec Impala laptop bag is very practical and convenient. You can hold it by a handle or you can carry it as a shoulder bag. Moreover, we know that you need a bit more space in your laptop bag, so it has a big pocket inside designed for your documents! You can of course put there documents, pens and whatever you want or whatever you need. What is more, it has a special frame that absorbs impacts preventing your laptop and electronics you put there from damages. To make it even more safe, there is a stripe inside that will hold your laptop in one place. Now you can relax, you won't feel the jumping laptop inside your Natec Impala laptop bag If you go a bit faster than usual. This particular bag was created for people whose laptops aren‘t bigger than 15.6 inch, but If you have a bigger laptop I am sure that you can find something of a similar quality on our other auctions.

• colour: black with blue accents
• perfect for carrying laptops up to 15.6"
• shoulder strap/handle
• pocket for documents
• additional strap inside to hold your laptop
• two compartments – notebook / accessories

• It can carry laptops up to 15.6-inches
• two compartments – notebook / accessories
• big pocket for your documents
• a stripe that will hold your laptop in one place

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