Bulb E27 8W Motion sensor Led4U LED8090IR cold white 6000K-6500K


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LED4U is a brand specializing in the production of high quality LED lighting and widely known lighting accessories. LED4U are the highest quality products, gaining more and more fans in Poland and Europe.
Our philosophy is to continually improve our products and focus on developing and using the latest technical solutions. LED4U is a response to market demand for high-quality devices at an affordable price. Extensive knowledge and experience in the industry have contributed to the design of reliable equipment that meets the expectations of demanding customers.
Bulb made of the best diodes Epistar SMD5730. At this auction we will introduce you. It is the equivalent of a traditional 80W bulb. We present real value, overestimate our parameters as well as other companies! This light bulb has a built-in current converter that does not produce a flashing effect (pulsing light), which significantly prolongs its life. Its light does not burden eyes and is healthier for the human eye.

High quality LED bulb with cold white light. Our light bulbs are made of extruded aluminum, which not only perfectly dissipates heat but also gives them a unique look. Thanks to the use of highly efficient LED light, our lamps do not emit ultraviolet and infrared radiation. The bulbs we offer do not contain mercury or glass and their long life is several times higher than that of a standard bulb or compact fluorescent lamp. Our LED bulbs are the best ecological alternative.
Motion sensor! and the twilight sensor!
The 100 ° Infrared Motion Sensor (PIR) is located at the central point of the bulb. If the sensor detects movement within range and low light intensity, the bulb will light up. If the sensor does not detect movement, the light turns off automatically after 2 minutes.
The sensor is made of the best available electronic components on the market. Movement light bulbs are mainly used to switch on lighting in staircases, cellars, corridors, garages, storage areas, toilets.
With the use of modern technologies and materials, bulbs are characterized by very low energy consumption, with a current lifetime of more than 10 times the traditional bulbs and five times competitive energy-efficient bulbs.
The high quality of the materials used leads to the fact that the bulbs are not only environmentally friendly but also modern in style. The cold diodes have the most similar color temperature than the fluorescent light bulb.

- Bulb power: 8W
- Bulb housing: Aluminum + PVC
- Equivalent to traditional bulb: 80W
- Nominal life: up to 50000h
- Luminous flux: 800 lm
- Light color: cold white (6000 ~ 6500K)
- Environmentally friendly bulb: Does not contain mercury and hazardous materials
- Mounting type: E27
- Detection angle: 100 °
- Detection distance: 3 ~ 5m
- Energy efficiency: A
- Number of diodes: 16pcs (Epistar SMD5730)
- Start-up lighting: 120 s
- Power supply: 85 ~ 260V, 50-60Hz
- Standby power consumption: <0.05W
- Dimensions: diameter 67 mm, height 121 mm
- Weight: 140g
- Certificates: CE, RoHS

- LED bulb with motion sensor PIR LED4U 230V 8W E27 cold
- Manufacturer's packaging
- Proof of purchase

LED bulbs have much lower power consumption than traditional counterparts. LED technology, used in LED4U lamps, eliminated traditional fiber and gases (hence no mercury in the bulbs). They have been replaced by LEDs, which, combined with an electronic system that controls their operation, minimize power consumption and power consumption from 3W to 15W (depending on the model). However, this in no way affects the brightness of light, but allows you to choose the color of its color.
We draw your attention to buying bulbs from unfair competition, as a number of bad qualitative scams appeared at the recent Allegro conference. The most dangerous vendors offer incandescent bulbs similar to branded bulbs such as LED4U, but their parameters are significantly different from those listed in the auction description. The effect is that you unnecessarily incur unnecessary costs. By purchasing LED4U lights, you are guaranteed the highest quality and professional service, and every bulb has a Polish warranty of 24 months in the Polish service.
Do you pay for large bills? With energy saving bulbs, you reduce your accounts by more than half!

- It saves power consumption by switching off automatically
- Comfort when powering on automatically
- One device, less cost than buying a motion sensor + bulbs
- No additional connection to the motion sensor
- Easy to install
- The motion sensor range is up to 5 meters
- Up to 80% less energy consumption compared to traditional tungsten lamps
- For indoor use
- Long service life up to 50,000 hours
- Very low power consumption
- Luminous flux up to 800lm