Toshiba LED Golf E14/E27

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Toshiba LED bulbs are made with the latest technology and precision. They are of the highest quality giving you an incredible efficiency and long life. These Toshiba LED bulbs in the shape of a "Golf Ball" consume up to 85% less than incandescent lamps, saving you a great expense in the medium and long term.
Toshiba LED bulbs withstand vibrations and can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to incandescent bulbs. They generate less heat which will turn you into less air conditioning expenses. It instantly turns on and emits 100% of the flow, or you can dim the light without losing the quality of the light (Toshiba LEDs will start operating in about 0, 3 seconds - faster than others).
They can be turned off and on frequently and without affecting the LED life or light emission. They contain no mercury and generate minimal ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

Color reproduction index CRI: 90
Service life: 25,000 h
Voltage: 230V
Energy class: A +
Bulb LED Toshiba GU10 PAR16 5,5W (50W+) 450lm 3000K
Bulb LED Toshiba E14 Candle 5W(40W) 470lm 2700K
Bulb LED Toshiba E14 Candle 3W(25W) 250lm 2700K
Bulb LED Toshiba GU10 PAR16 4,5W (50W) 345lm 3000K
Bulb LED Toshiba E27 15W(100W) 1521lm 2700K A67
Bulb  LED Toshiba E14 Golf 3W (25W) 250lm 2700K
Bulb LED Toshiba E27 5,5W (40W) 470lm 2700K A60
Bulb LED Toshiba E27 Golf 3W (25W) 250lm 2700K
Bulb LED Toshiba E27 11W (75W) 1055lm 2700K A60
Bulb LED Toshiba E27 8,5W (60W) 806lm 2700K Duo
Bulb LED Toshiba E27 8,5W (60W) 806lm 2700K A60
Bulb LED Toshiba E27 Golf 5W (40W) 470lm 2700K

Toshiba GOLF ball LED bulbs of the highest quality that will reduce energy consumption by up to 85%
Availablen in models: E1, E27 and GU10 
 2700K,  3000K
1521lm , 345lm , 250lm,  470lm, 806lm, 1055lm,  
Power supply: 5,5W (50W+), 5W(40W), 3W(25W), 4,5W (50W), 15W(100W), 11W (75W) ,8,5W (60W)