Maclean TVSYM01 Fake TV Security Device TV Simulator TV Top with Security Timer When You Are Not Home


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The product simulates the presence of people in the apartment in order to deter potential burglars. 
The light is generated by a colorful LED's that randomly change the brightness and color, giving a realistic illusion of TV being watched inside a house.
The device can be set in automatic mode - thanks to the brightness sensor the device can automatically start at a desired day time. 

Realistically simulates the visual effect of a turned on TV
12 LED's (7x white, 2x green, 2x blue and 1x red)
LED lifetime: do 50000 godzin
Power: 9 V / DC
Low energy usage
Weight: 115g
Dimensions: 85x75x57 mm
Warranty: 24 months