Extension cord 6 outputs with switch Maclean Energy MCE188 Pin earth (BE)

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With the 6-socket socket, you can connect up to five full-size plugs simultaneously. It has child safety and a built-in illuminated on / off switch. Excellent in every workplace, shop and even at home.

Today's reality requires a large number of devices to be connected to the power points. The power strips come with the help, our strip is the ideal solution.

- Protection against the insertion of fingers by our small children (CHILDREN PROTECTION).
- Number of connections: 6 (with earth)
- Illuminated on / off switch
- Maximum power tax: 2300 W
- Cable length: 5 m
- Warranty: 2 years

MCE188 connector list
- Proof of purchase
- Warranty: 2 years

Maclean Energy MCE188 power strip is ideal for powering all your electrical appliances safely.

- Child protection.
- Number of sockets: 6 (with earth)
- Illuminated switch
- Maximum power: 2300 W
- Cable length: 5 m
- 2 years warranty