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The converter LTC BLACK is adapted to receive satellites, broadcast
In vertical and horizontal polarization, with high and low bands.
The minimum signal-to-noise ratio allows optimum signal reception, even under
Extreme conditions. This ensures a smooth image,
Free of any disturbance, even in difficult weather conditions.
The highest quality materials and high precision, guarantee
A long, trouble-free operation and satisfaction.

Number of outputs 1x (universal)
Connection F connection
Lower oscillator 9.75 GHz
Upper oscillator 10.6 GHz 
Lower band input: 10.7 - 11.7GHz / output: 950 - 2050MHz
Upper band input: 11.7 - 12.75GHz / output: 1100 - 2150MHz
Operating temperature: -40 to 65 ° C
VSWR: 2.5: 1
Noise figure: 0.1dB

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