LTC LXL6000 LED wall light 2W with motion and twilight sensor

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Excellent quality lamp with built-in motion and twilight sensor. It has a magnetic holder. The built-in rechargeable battery allows for a very long working time, up to 8.5h. The color of heat, color temperature is 3000K.
It is small, perfectly fits into any type of room. The button mounted on the casing allows for switching off, switching on and setting the lamp to start automatically, which is a very practical and convenient solution.
The lamp was created from high quality materials, which is a guarantee for a long time of use. The lamp comes with a USB cable that will allow you to charge it not only from the usual network charger, but also from a laptop or other device with a USB input.

- Manufacturer: LTC
- Model: LXL6000
- Light color: warm
- Color temperature: 3000K
- Battery capacity: 3.7V / 500mAh (Li-Poly)
- Time of continuous lighting: up to 8.5h
- Standby time: up to 100 days
- Range of the sensor: up to 3m
- Dimensions: 90 x 78 x 23 mm
- Material: ABS + PC

- LED 2W wall lamp twilight motion sensor LTC LXL6000
- Manufacturer's packaging
- The proof of purchase

- 2W LED wall lamp with motion / twilight sensor
- Light color: Warm
- Color temperature: 3000K
- Magnetic holder
- Built-in battery allows for a very long working time, up to 8.5h
- A USB cable is included with the lamp
- It is small, fits perfectly into any type of room
- The button allows you to disable, enable and set the lamp to automatically start
- The lamp was made of high quality materials, which guarantees a long time of use
- A USB cable is included with the lamp