Eldom NU5

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Ultrasonic humidifier distinguished by low power consumption and quiet operation. Effectively moisturizes the air, and thus, the mist does not heat up, you can use it during the summer. Remember, however, that ultrasound can be a nuisance for pets.
Healthy air in forest owe according to the number of ions floating in the air. Therefore, the humidifier uses ion generator, which beneficially affect our health and well-being.
The humidistat will help you maintain your chosen level of humidity. Control the degree of moisture and air as needed with enable or disable the device. Easy to read display update you on the humidifier. It simplifies selection of features and provides the product with a modern look.

32 Watt power
Cold mist type
Adjustable humidity level
 Water tank capacity 5.2 liters
Electronic control Hygrostat
Removable water tank
Replacement filter
Dimensions 29 x 24 x 16 cm
Additional  ionization function
humidity control
Individual humidification setting
Programmable operating time
Low water level indicator
 LCD display
Packaging dimensions 26 x 20 x 36 cm
Weight with package 1.89 kg

Choose ultrasonic humidifier, which successfully can be use even during the summer.  
Bet on the larger tank and top up less water. 
Improve well-being through ionization
Easy maintain the appropriate humidity level thanks to the built Hygrostat
Easily fill thanks thank to the removable water tank

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