Comforting Toddler Toy(

Comforting Toddler Toy(

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Lullalove MR B is a response to growing awareness of parents about child's development and proper stimulation of their senses. 
Facilitating on that knowledge MR B is a combination of a contrasting colours - black, white and red with audible elements and labels giving your baby the right stimulus and encouraging proper development 
MR B's speciality is it's unique warming, salt insert, which heats up to 54 Celsius degrees. The isolation pocket inside MR B assures the temperature is maintained up to one hours. The warming insert is reusable - after each use you just need to put it into boiling water, until it becomes fully fluid again. The insert is also non-toxic and fully safe for the child.
Thanks to the warming insert MR B is indispensable when our baby suffers from stomach pains, and is much safer than a traditional hot water bottle. MR B is designed with baby's safety in mind, and won't cause any burns. 

Contrasting colour design
Rustling feet for audible stimulus
Warming insert helpful to ease stomach pains
Designed with child safety in mind
Zipped case supplied with the toy
Additional aid against common cold, flu and bronchitis.
MR B material: Anti allergic plush
Height: 29cm

Thanks to a zipped package, MR B can easily be carried with you anywhere, and can be used by the whole family. Perfect for trips, during longer walks in cold days and during skiing. MR B is also excellent aid in fighting common cold, bronchitis and as a warm poultice. 
The package includes MR B toy, zipped case and a warming insert. Please be aware - the warming insert is not a toy - it's proper use should be supervised by an adult.