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It is perfect for anyone who needs a bigger mobility of the mirror. You can extend it up to 40 cm, so it is going to be useful especially while shaving or doing make-up. What is more this mirror on one side is just a regular mirror, but other side of it magnifies three times! You can see much clearer every unwanted hair, every skin imperfection. You can change sides of the mirror very fast thanks to its rotary construction. It is very solid and made of good quality materials to extend its durability.

- Dimensions: length 8.27 Width 7.32 x Height 1.81 inches
- Colour: silver
- Diameter: 18,5cm

This mirror is really easy to mount and very convenient to use. Some of the product features are:
- One side magnifies x3 other side is a regular 1:1 mirror
- Adjustable length 18 to 40cm
- Nice looking, fits most bathroom
It is perfect for everyone who wants to be perfectly shaved or make a perfect make up.

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