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Transformer soldering iron 250W by Marso

The offered model is a faithful copy of soldering irons from a few decades ago. The device perfectly combines metal parts with a soft tin-lead binder. Soldering iron with increased power. Equipped with an LED instead of a bulb, which better illuminates the point of soldering with white light.

- 250W power
- The temperature of the 400 °C tip
- Spot lighting by means of a white LED
- Job type - intermittent
- Working time ~ 15 sec.
- Break time - 60 sec.
- Grotto lighting - LED 12CD 10mm

Soldering iron from a manufacturer with several decades of tradition
in the production of transformer soldering irons.

The device is equipped with a LED diode that automatically starts during operation.
The soldering iron immediately warms the tip to ~ 400 ° C. This guarantees quick and efficient soldering.