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Maclean is a global leader in specialty cable and home theater accessories, hi-fi systems and PC connections. The brand's position in the market has been established for more than 10 years. Each product is created by a group of designers who, with their knowledge and skills, can create something unusual, as in the case of this device.

Network socket with USB ports for connecting two devices. The MCE79 network jack is a simple but very useful device. It serves as a charger for all types of phones, tablets and other devices charged via the USB port. It allows the simultaneous charging of 2 devices from USB sockets, provided that their total consumption does not exceed 2.1A. An outlet with a USB port eliminates the mess associated with a large number of power supplies and chargers. Perfect for use at work or at the office.

- Power socket for installation with 2xUSB Maclean Energy MCE79 USB 5V, 2.1A
- Number of takes: 1
- Panel material: high quality polycarbonate
- Matter inside: phosphorus
- Grounding: yes
- Power consumption: approximately 0.035 W
- Output voltage: DC 5.0V / 2100mA
- Rated voltage: AC 250V / 50HZ 16A
- Dimensions: 86x86mm
- Certificate: CE / RoHs

- USB socket MCE79
- Cover: 1 piece
- Mounting mechanism: 1 piece
- Mounting screws: 2 pieces
- Original box
- Sales document
- Warranty: 24 months

Brand new in original packaging. The highest quality of manufacture! Finally, smartphones, tablets, cameras or MP3 players can be recharged directly from the home. In the new USB network jacks, searching for a charger is a thing of the past. The load is therefore even more comfortable. The MCE79 USB power outlet is a modern line of electrical installation equipment based on new reliable and easy-to-assemble mechanisms, distinguished by their noble shape and durability.

- The high quality polycarbonate front panel is difficult to ignite
- The interior of the phosphor bronze elements has great conductive properties and is difficult
to deform
- Built-in fuse
- Socket with an additional security system - protects against incorrect connection of the device
- Compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, tablets, cell phones, MP3 players, sets
Bluetooth, GPS, etc.

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