Maclean  MCTV-554
Maclean  MCTV-554
Maclean  MCTV-554
Maclean  MCTV-554

Maclean MCTV-554


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Clamp clamp connection - MCTV-554 - 2 pcs
Double terminal connection is used for antenna mounting e.g. To the balcony. This can also be used for the simultaneous connection of 2 antenna masts. Thanks to galvanizing, the steel is resistant to corrosion.
Made of steel
Easy assembly
Width: 70 mm
Length: 130mm
The set includes:
2 clamps

Maclean already had a lot of satisfied customers at the market stage. The brand is known world-wide for its quality, innovative strength, service and reliability of the products. Meanwhile, Maclean is an industry leader in Europe.
The Maclean brackets are renowned for their top quality, which makes our brand already pleased with a large number of satisfied customers worldwide.
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