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Magic Wipe PVA from York

Magically absorbent - absorbs water better than any sponge!
Exceptionally durable thanks to the internal reinforcement fabric. Perfectly removes fur and hair from furniture and upholstery. The wipe can be used with detergents or with water only. If you dry this cloth, it will be hard. Just wet it to restore its natural shape
Packed in a handy bag where the cloth is stowed. After drying, the cloth becomes hard and therefore has a special string pouch.

- Width: 32 cm
- Length: 43 cm

This magic wipe absorbs fluids better than any sponge!

- Made of PVA (polyvinyl) fabric,
- leaves no streaks or stains,
- Ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces:
Glass, ceramic, bathroom faucet, mirror,
- It absorbs liquids very well,
- Can be washed at 40 degrees C,
- Useful in every house.

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