InSense BR-SM153
InSense BR-SM153
InSense BR-SM153
InSense BR-SM153
InSense BR-SM153

InSense BR-SM153


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InSense BR-SM153 is used to suction secretions, e.g. mucus, phlegm, etc. And it is ideal device for tracheotomised patients, small surgery and home-therapy after surgery. It can be used in the operating theatre and at the patient’s bedside. The device is made of high quality materials and the housing is resistant to impacts and heating. It is very convenient to use and it has a handle that ease its transportation. It is very solid and well-made.
The InSense BR-SM153 is not intended for chest drainage and gynecological drainage.

Power supply: 230V - 50Hz
Power: 160 V
Max. vacuum suction ≥ 0.75 bar - 563 mmHg / -75kPa
Max. flow ≥ 16l / min.
Vacuum control From 0/02 Mpa to max. underpressure
Sound level ≤ 60 dBA
Work / break time 30 min. work / 30 min. break
Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 280x195x245 mm

Set of silicone drains with connector - 1 item
Hydrophobic antibacterial filter - 3 pcs
Manual - 1 item
Disposable sterile catheter - 1 item
Polycarbonate tank - 1 item

- A container for secretions with graduations (for sterilization in autoclaves) made of polycarbonate
- Easy to transport