Portable megaphone with built-in MGK2 VoiceKraft alarm

Portable megaphone with built-in MGK2 VoiceKraft alarm


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Megaphone with built-in Voice Kraft MG-02 alarm.
Irreplaceable for matches, sports, concerts, pilgrimages.

- Power: 10W
- Sound range: 200m (800m in a quiet environment)
- Power supply: 4x R20
- Microphone: internal, external
- Dimensions: tube diameter 200mm, length 340mm
- White color
- Siren: exclusive

- MG-2 portable megaphone
- Manufacturer's packaging
- A proof of purchase

- Additional function: built-in siren off
- It has handles and a strap that makes it easy to carry on the shoulder
- Made of ABS plastic
- Lightweight design
- Built-in siren and microphone
- Clear sound, long range, modern look
- Convenient access to volume control and function buttons
- R20 battery power supply
- Possibility to connect the battery pack
- Batteries are not included in the kit