Metal Detector XP Deus Full WS4 RC

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The ultralight design allows for long-term search in comfortable conditions. Range, speed, precision, light weight and compact dimensions are achieved by using state-of-the-art technology.

The probe contains all the important signal processing components that no longer need to be wired to the control panel but are digitally processed and analyzed by miniature electronic circuitry, which greatly improves the signal processing quality.

Then the data in the probe is transmitted via radio to the control panel mounted in the headphones in real time and to the panel on the seat (depending on the version selected).

Polish version of the software - v. 3.2
The probe's working time is approximately 20 hours (depending on sensitivity and operating frequency)
The operating time of the control panel and headphones is about 27h
Fast simultaneous loading of all components of the set about 2 hours
7g lithium battery
Wireless 22 cm (9 ") or 28 cm (11") wireless waterproof coil with DD cover
Wireless 36 channel communication
Low Weight - 975 g. With LCD on the rack or 875 g. If the display will be on hand, belt or we will work on the same headphones
Four operating frequencies (4kHz, 8kHz, 12kHz, 18kHz) with slight plus / minus correction
Reach range and response speed adjustable
Dynamic and static modes of operation
Extended scope of discrimination, with particular emphasis on iron discrimination
Pre-programmed 10 operating modes and the ability to store 8 custom programs
Sound signaling, signaling level, multi-tone, selective discrimination
Many additional advanced settings (expert menu)
Tuning to the ground (automatic, semi-automatic land change tracking, manual tuning, beach mode for high-conductive soil conditions)

11 inch coil - 28 cm + wireless headphones with detachable LCD panel!
Control Panel with the latest V3 3.2 software in Polish!
Excellent, advanced design - the first fully wireless metal detector in the world!
Wireless headphones with screen and control panel
Lightweight and foldable
The detector can be controlled by the handset
Adjustment of the main settings of the detector through the headset: sensitivity, discrimination, tuning to the ground
frequency (4, 8, 12, 18 kHz), multitone, volume, etc.
Pre-set work programs
Lithium battery and charger included
ABS case