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RS Pinpointer can be used not only to find a treasure hunt but also to find wires in walls or nails
With a button, you can select a vibrating or audible alarm to track the target. Approaching the target increases the intensity of the sound or vibrations
It is easy to find metal in the trenches. It also allows you to perform a fast zone scan while holding Pinpointer at an angle on any surface
Automatic adjustment
Provides maximum sensitivity without the need for regulation. Just turn it on and ready to use
LED indicator - Turns on automatically in the dark. You can also turn on the LED light by covering the light sensor on the device
Watertight ID terminal allows RS Pinpointer to be used in shallow water, if needed
Clip Case - Tie it to your size and wear Pinpointer safely with you when not in use

360 ° detection angle

RS PINPOINT non-hand PIN detector
-Clip box
- Original packaging
-Alcaline 9V battery

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