Golden Mask GM1 Plus (18kHz) metal detector with Spider 9 "coil


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We are the exclusive distributor of Golden Mask in Poland.
Professional metal detector - Golden Mask GM1 Plus 18kHz.

Golden Mask GM1 Plus is a new metal detector that works on high frequency 18kHz. Golden Mask GM1 is very good for gold, coins ideal for small and valuable items.
The detector is equipped with a sensational Spider 9 "coil.
Golden Mask GM1 Plus is very stable in highly mineralized soils and has very large ranges compared to other detectors in this price range.
The detector has an internal loudspeaker volume control and an additional headphone jack. Thanks to the good balance of the device (power supply of the detector located under the handle) and a comfortable grip under the arm, the seeker's work will become even more fun.

- High quality
- Operating frequency - 18 kHz
- VLF-TR technology
- Adjusted iron discrimination
- Electromagnetic interference filter
- Automatic soil balance
- Battery status indicator light
- Minimum power consumption: 35 mA
- Maximum power consumption: 65 mA
- Built-in battery: 12V / 1000 mAh
- Automatic charging system (charger included)

- New GM1 Plus metal detector Golden Mask
- Dedicated coil / Spider 9 "probe
- Spider 9 "coil cover
- User manual in Polish
- An elegant box
- Forearm holder with cuff
- Automatic mains charger
- Receipt or VAT invoice

The Golden Mask detector GM1 Plus has a subframe grip with a forearm cuff and an adjustable length of the probe arm. Detector readings are signaled by the built-in loudspeaker, thanks to which an acoustic signal is heard. To not pay attention to yourself, simply plug your headphones into the jack. The device has a volume control.
Description of symbols on the console:
- SENSITIVITY "range / sensitivity" - used to adjust the sensitivity level (adjusts the depth
- The detector is switched on using the VOLUME potentiometer
- DISC. LEVEL "level of discrimination" - regulates the degree of elimination of ferrous metals
- JACK "headphone jack" - standard headphone input
- LOWBATTERY "LED indicator" - indicates low battery voltage

- Golden Mask GM1 Plus 18kHz - Expert on gold and coins!
- High quality
- VLF-TR technology
- Adjusted iron discrimination
- Electromagnetic interference filter
- Automatic soil balance
- It is very stable in highly mineralized soils thanks to the use of 18 kHz frequency
- Ideal for searching for gold and items at significant depths
- Headphone output to connect headphones
- 2 operating modes: ALL METAL - when Disc.Level = 1 and DISCTIMINATION in other positions
- Low battery voltage indication