GL-6 Fe& Al Paint Thickness Gauge

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  • Prodig Tech GL-6 Fe& Al (25500)
  • Steel and aluminium sheets
  • Range 0-1100um
  • Resolution 1um or 10um
  • Memory for 100 measurements
  • Measurement relative to a reference point

The GL-6 paint thickness gauge is used to measure the thickness of the paint layer applied to steel, galvanised steel or aluminium automotive sheet metal. Moreover, it enables adaptation to other metals. The measurement is presented on a large, easy to read LCD display 2 lines of 8 characters each. Maximum measurement resolution is 1µm and the measurement range is 0µm to 1100µm. Built-in memory of 100 measurements allows for free review of the measurements after the completion of measuring operations. The memory will not be erased when the instrument is switched off or when the battery is removed.

A useful function of measuring in relation to a chosen reference point has been applied (see description below the specification). The meter has a battery status indicator. The device has a built-in display backlight, which makes it easier to make measurements in dark rooms (e.g. in a garage). The meter is operated from the main MENU level: MEASUREMENT, MATERIAL, MEMORY, REFERENCE POINT, SWITCH OFF, MEASUREMENT DELETION, ZERO, RESOLUTION. Functions are selected with the yellow button, while the red button confirms the selected function and "enters" the MENU. Operation of the meter is very intuitive. The device is entirely manufactured in Poland.

Measurement in relation to a reference point

With this function we can perform measurements with respect to a selected point. This function is useful while comparing a few tested places in the car. For example, the reference point is selected on the left front door and then measurements are taken on other parts of the car (prior to that, the "Reference point" option must be selected in MENU). In this way, if we take a measurement e.g. on the roof, we obtain the result of -10um, which means that the roof has a layer of paint 10um thinner than the left front door. The reference point is not erased when the meter is switched off.

In addition, this function is used to program a different variety of sheet metal (other metals). When setting the reference point, it is enough to do it on a clean metal sheet and from now on, after selecting the material as "Reference point", you will be able to take measurements on such a sheet.

Technical specifications:

  • Measurement on steel, galvanised steel, aluminium car sheets and adaptable to others (such as Copper)
  • Measurement against a selected reference point (see description below)
  • Measurement resolution: 1µm or 10µm (selection is made in the menu)
  • Measurement range (paint thickness): 0µm to 1100µm
  • On hand permanent memory for 100 measurements
  • Zeroing function (calibration) - zeroing plate included
  • Backlighting of the lcd display
  • Intuitive operation with 8-item menu
  • Automatic shut off of the meter after a longer period of inactivity
  • Battery status indicator
  • Power supply: 9v alkaline battery (e.g. 6lr61) or 9v rechargeable battery
  • Polycarbonate keyboard based on microswitches
  • Diameter of measuring probe 15mm
  • Current consumption: approx. 50ma
  • The meter has the ce mark

Set includes:

  • GL-6 Fe& Al paint thickness meter
  • Zeroing plate (calibration)
  • Case
  • Original packaging
  • Proof of purchase